Odor neutralization & disinfection

Pure mineral without organic compounds | Without environmentally harmful residues Highly effective & pH neutral

ANOSAN eco ® is the environmentally friendly solution when it comes to odor removal / odor control within closed rooms. In addition, almost all viruses and bacteria are killed during atomization. And without causing any damage to health.

ANOSAN eco ®  can be used in almost all areas:


Odor neutralization car / small car

Hygienically perfect interior for all vehicles.

Odor neutralization classic / young timer

Particularly gentle due to minimized salt content.

Odor neutralization Vehicle rental

Disinfected after 30 minutes and ready to be rented out.

Odor neutralization resale cars

Increase the sales value through optimal disinfection (odor removal).

Odor neutralization in luxury bodies

Clean gently and environmentally conscious.

Odor neutralization caravan / camping

Also suitable for tents.


Odor removal / disinfection apartment

We also have a solution for small apartments.

Odor removal / disinfection house

Odor removal / disinfection office

For small offices / open-plan offices as well as meeting rooms.

Odor removal / disinfection practices

We also have solutions for small and group practices.

Odor Removal & Disinfection Hospital

For almost all areas in the hospital.

Odor removal / disinfection warehouses

Suitable for small & large camps.


Odor removal / disinfection truck

For the cab as well as the container.

Odor removal / disinfection in the airplane

Suitable for small aircraft as well as large passenger aircraft.

Disinfection of trams and buses

For public transportation.


Odor removal / disinfection on ships

Whether motor yacht, sailing boat or cruiser. We provide fresh air.


Odor removal / disinfection trains

Also for large-scale cabins on trains.

Odor removal / disinfection taxi

Also removes bad alcohol smells!


Odor removal / disinfection in the power plant

Also suitable for power plants (industrial banning)

Odor removal / disinfection for commercial kitchens

For gastronomy / restaurant and hotels / guest houses.


Odor removal libraries

Odor Removal & Disinfection Schools

For large as well as small classrooms.


Odor removal disinfection kindergarten

Also for preschool / primary school.

Odor removal / disinfection in the erotic industry

Odor removal / disinfection in the erotic industry

A product from ecabiotec AG

A small amount of water damage is enough – just like a fire or just the smell that arises in intensive living, for example, from enjoying tobacco: There are bad smells that, depending on the cause, can even have health-damaging causes. On the surface, the causes are usually quickly eliminated and seemingly disappeared, the real causes that cause the undesirable smells are deeply absorbed in the materials and not easy to remove.

Odor removal and disinfection are the buzzwords of the hour that enable you to get the fresh and healthy room air that you need and want. Trust us, then trust an odor removal technology that relies on professional and really pore-deep disinfection of all materials and thus ensures really fresh indoor air.

Do you want a completely new living environment or have you just moved to a new apartment that your nose doesn’t like at all? Then the nebulization technology can bring the proverbial fresh wind into your rooms. The room air is enriched with disinfectant substances that eliminate the viruses and bacteria that are the cause of the poor air conditions. In this way, not only the bad smells disappear, but also the polluters.

Such measures are generally recommended if pets are kept. Animals carry pathogens with them, which can cause bad air but also a health-impairing living environment. Sensitive people or small children will benefit even more from thorough disinfection.

Odor removal and disinfection are just as easy in small rooms as in spacious apartments or entire apartment buildings.

In addition to children, it is primarily weakened people whose bodies can react particularly quickly to germs and viruses from the surrounding air. This includes in particular sick people in hospitals and people in old people’s and nursing homes.

Since a lot of impurities are naturally collected at these locations, a particularly high standard of hygiene is necessary and sensible here. However, this must not stop with the usual measures, but must be extended to the constantly absorbed breathing air. Thorough disinfection ensures that pathogens cannot spread unhindered between people.

The odor removal does the rest so that the indoor climate and thus the quality of life in hospitals and old people’s and nursing homes are increased to a maximum. The latter aspect is still clearly neglected in many facilities today.

Bad smells are of course not only unwanted in the apartment, but also in the adjacent private room such as your own car. Often people don’t just drive here, they also live more or less. Eating while driving or smoking will sooner or later create smells in every motor vehicle, which have replaced the once so pleasant smell of new cars. Of course, solid odor removal and disinfection of the interior and upholstery can also work wonders here. Even in the car, smells are not simply masked, but the cause is deeply drawn out of the pores and effectively neutralized using tried and tested means. The result is simply odorless and also free of any germs and contaminants.

Please also think a step further when it comes to mobility. Do you have a camper or caravan? Unfortunately, the conditions for bad smells are also ideal here. Especially if your mobile living space remains unused over the cold months, cold and damp have the best chance of training stoves for bad smells and germs. An odor neutralization in the form of a disinfection removes these unwanted olfactory sources within a very short time, so that you can cover your camper again for the new season without nasal bumps.

By the way: Car rental companies or caravan and camper rental companies have long known what good odor removal can mean. Haven’t you ever wondered why rented cars always smell so good?

To get rid of the annoying smells, the market has a lot of questionable solutions. Often you just use special fragrances that cover the usual smells, but in no way neutralize them or even disinfect them. With this type of procedure, you do not enjoy an advantage, but at best postponement of the problem.

In the private environment, this type of odor neutralization may still be an acceptable solution in the short term, but when it comes to more sensitive areas, such as commercial premises, restaurants or hotel facilities, in-depth solutions are required.

If the health aspect also plays a major role, for example in doctor’s surgeries or in hospitals, then a solid disinfection is not only advisable, but mandatory. In this case at the latest, you should no longer dare to experiment and take care of professional measures for odor neutralization and thorough disinfection.

Sick and weak people not only have a difficult time in the hospital or nursing home, but also during a comparatively short visit to the family doctor or specialist. Here too there is a center where a wide variety of pathogens can meet and where special hygiene must therefore prevail.

Doctors’ offices can be easily “upgraded” to a perfect room air by professional odor removal in combination with thorough disinfection, which significantly upgrade the entire environment of a practice. Not only every patient benefits from this, but doctors and employees alike.

What applies to the home should also apply to the children in public places: clean and perfect indoor air.

Especially where children spend a lot of time next to the home environment, there can be no compromises.

What is meant are schools and kindergartens that have a special responsibility for children, especially with regard to health aspects. In such facilities, many viruses and germs come together, all of which impose health hurdles on children through the respiratory tract, which limit well-being and can even make people really sick.

That is why professional and regular disinfection and odor elimination is appropriate and absolutely necessary.

If you receive customers and guests commercially, then you pay particular attention to the cleanliness of your rooms. Customer rooms are well maintained, hotel rooms, cabins on yachts or ships are in perfect condition or passenger rooms in airplanes, train compartments or other means of transport are well maintained.

But is the room air really right in this environment? How deep does the odor removal really go? Do you carry out regular disinfections to completely eliminate the germs and bacteria that cause poor air development?

If not, then you still have enormous potential to create an even better indoor climate for your guests and customers. With our help, make sure that your guests like to visit you again and again, even if you may not be sure why. Wonderfully clean room air is not always noticeable, it simply ensures a very special sense of wellbeing.