Mold removal


Bacteria, viruses and molds can be found on surfaces, food and waste, in dust, carpets, plant pots and air conditioning systems, in sanitary areas and in other damp places. They are transmitted through hand contact or inhalation and can endanger our health in commercial and domestic areas. If there is mold, the room air is particularly heavily polluted. Molds produce volatile metabolic products (earthy, musty “musty smell”) and spores
(the “seeds” of molds) that accumulate in the air. Allergy sufferers and asthmatics in particular are at risk of health in such an environment.

ANOSAN®eco is a non-toxic solution for humans and animals, which is composed purely of minerals and works without aggressive or toxic substances. This way, rooms can be treated with disinfectant efficiently and easily at any time. With our portable device ANOSAN®eco is atomized into fine droplets (0.01–0.05 mm diameter) and ejected. In this way, even inaccessible places are reached. Since the finest droplets sink to the ground very slowly, germs and spores are also
reached in the room air and the volatile metabolic products of the mold are oxidatively destroyed. Moist walls must always be professionally renovated, since every fog only reaches the surface and does not penetrate into the depth of the materials, where the mold’s retreat areas are.


Molds grow at a humidity of more than 70% and contaminate the air with volatile metabolic products, spores and fungal threads (hyphae). Volatile organic substances of microbial origin (English: microbial volatile organic compounds = MVOC) are suspected to be the cause of massive health problems. People who live in mold-contaminated homes often complain of headaches, fatigue, tiredness, poor concentration, sleep disorders, cough and irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract.

Selection of relevant MVOC

  • Dimethyl disulfide
  • 3-methylfuran
  • 1-oct-3-ol
  • 2-methylfuran
  • 3-octanon

Spores and hyphae of mold can cause allergies and toxic reactions. People who are weakened by diseases (e.g. diabetes, respiratory and lung diseases) or
who are permanently exposed to mold are particularly at risk. A distinction is made between allergic reactions, mycoses (infections) and mycotoxicoses (poisoning). As a result of mold growth, the quality of living and work places is severely reduced and the value of the building is reduced. With the nebulization of ANOSAN®eco you counteract the spread of spores and fungal hyphae and effectively reduce the MVOC and the allergenic potential of the indoor air. The quality of living space and work space is significantly improved.

Odor neutralization

Intense and bad smells affect our well-being and we try to avoid such places. A non-smoker will not buy a used car that smells of tobacco smoke and a buyer will not buy an apartment that still smells or smells of fire. On the other hand, we feel comfortable in the fresh air, it has a positive effect on our well-being and a decision to buy.
Air hygiene is important wherever we are; especially in closed rooms. ANOSAN®eco destroys odor molecules through oxidation and quickly and effectively removes all kinds of odors. The air quality is significantly improved. No matter whether the cause of the bad smell is tobacco smoke, fire blight, vomit, feces and urine, putrefaction, waste, animal houses and stables, sweat, oil / petrol etc., ANOSAN®eco removes even the most stubborn smells. If the odor molecules have penetrated materials and substances from which they are slowly released again, the nebulization of ANOSAN®eco must be repeated until the odor has completely evaporated from the materials.


ANOSAN®eco can be atomized easily and safely. The user does not need any special protective clothing for nebulization and does not have to leave the room during nebulization. ANOSAN®eco is bactericidal, virucidal and sporocidal in the quantitative suspension test according to DGHM guidelines. In this way, hygienic space problems can be checked and, if necessary, permanently eliminated after repeated use.

Cold fogging from ANOSAN®eco
application examples

  • Room disinfection, e.g. homes, kindergartens, storage rooms
  • Disinfection of vehicles, eg ambulances, buses, animal transporters
  • Air disinfection, eg waste sorting plants, composting plants, grain mills
  • Disinfectant cleaning of ventilation systems
  • Air hygiene, for example tobacco smoke, smell of animal, fire, or putrefaction; Dust binding
  • Odor removal animal husbandry (domestic, zoo and farm animals)