In the field of animal care, whether livestock and poultry farming on one hand, or house pets on the other hand ANOVET plays a crucial in maintaining a healthy environment frees from harmful microorganisms for animals, eventually reducing mortality rates.


Regarding livestock and poultry farming, ANOVET prevents the growth of harmful pathogens and biofilm in air and water, hence maintaining a healthy environment and animal care.

This can be tackled for example, by disinfecting drinking water against free-swimming pathogens, or in related machinery, such as milking machinery for cows, or against thrush bacteria for ungulates.


Regarding house pets, in addition to the above, ANOVET is also highly effective for maintaining a healthy environment, given it to be non-residual and safe for skin, eyes, and mucous membranes, in addition for it not requiring rinse of waiting time, does not require animal evacuation.