Offers Alkaline & Safe, Cleaning & Degreasing With High Dissolving Power on All Surfaces

KATHOCLEAN+® is a multi-surface, low-streak cleaner & degreaser providing excellent hydrotropic power to cover all cleaning challenges, significantly outperforming glucoside, octyl amphoteric and coco amphoteric “high performers” at a lower use level.

KATHOCLEAN+® provides a number of additional benefits, including: anti-fogging on glass, easier next-time cleaning of certain surfaces, easy rinsing, effective soil repellency on glass and ceramic surfaces, performance stability over a wide pH range, and ease of formulation.

KATHOCLEAN+® applications can cover kitchen cleaning (stainless steel surfaces, ceramic tiles, glass tiles, kitchen tops); bathroom cleaning (shower cabins and mirrors); all-purpose and glass cleaning (floors; ceramics; windows, hard, shiny surfaces; metal surfaces); car and marine cleaning (windshields, coatings); and mirror, window and glass-ceramics cleaning in all setups and vehicles.



* Kills 99.995% of bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores

* Non-toxic disinfectant & deodorizer

* Free of alcohol, aldehydes, dyes & scents, non-staining

* Hypoallergenic & non-irritant

* pH neutral

* Cost & time effective with immediate disinfection