Maintaining a clean and healthy environment in the Industrial sector is of vital importance. Thereupon, ANOSAN is also a crucial disinfecting agent, promoting a clean industrious environment.

With its strong and safe disinfecting capabilities it efficiently kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, and effectively controls molds.

As molds and harmful microorganisms on surfaces -before being disinfected- can develop and grow further in the air ANOSAN ECO plays then a vital role in disinfecting the air of spatial industrial areas, maintaining a safe and clean environment free from bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores.

Also important to note that especially regarding industrial spaces, which contain many complex physical spaces, ANOSAN NR and ANOSAN ECO can be well effective as disinfecting agents as they are applied via fogging, hence releasing microdroplets which are effectively capable of reaching hard-to-reach areas.

Alongside, ANOSAN NR and ANOSAN ECO for surface and air disinfection, ANOSAN TW also plays an important role in water treatment and disinfection by removing biofilm in pipes of sewage water and water recycling plants with no disinfection byproducts or costly equipment.