ANOSAN® is an extremely effective disinfectant. It is compatible with the skin, mucous membranes and eyes. At the same time, ANOSAN® is a highly compatible disinfectant. ANOSAN® destroys all human pathogens, ie all viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores, germs etc.
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If I

  • wants to disinfect effectively and safely.
  • responsible for surfaces that are wetted with water.
  • wants to remove resistant germs.
Large drinking water systems are subject to the Drinking Water Ordinance. A large-scale system is a system with more than 400 liters for drinking water heating and / or a content of more than 3 liters in the piping system between the tap and the drinking water heating system.
Legionella are single-rod bacteria that occur naturally in water and soil.

In order to answer this, the drinking water must be checked. Please call us for information on voluntary tests.In large systems, this sampling is required by law.

No other non-toxic disinfectant can remove the biofilm in compliance with the Drinking Water Ordinance.
ANOSAN TW® is manufactured according to the IMEALIT® process and is non-toxic according to all external reports (Fresenius).