Beverage industry

ANOSAN® in the beverage industry

The key raw material in the beverage industry is water. What is essential is its constant quality as a raw material used.

The quality of our drinks depends in particular on the quality of the drinking water. Decades of creeping pollution from nitrates, pesticides and air pollutants make it increasingly difficult for water suppliers to maintain the required drinking water quality.

Nitrates are used as an indicator for a general contamination of drinking water with nitrogenous, organic contaminants. ANOSAN TW® is more effective and better than all other conventional drinking water disinfection processes. ANOSAN TW® immediately removes organic soiling such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores as well as hormone and drug residues.

ANOSAN TW is a ready-to-use solution for injection into drinking / process water systems in order to sterilize it immediately and without interrupting operation and to remove the cause – the biofilm – in the system in the long term.

In addition, ANOFOOD® can reliably sterilize the food itself and the production facilities. For example, ANOFOOD can replace hot water flooding before filling the bottles. Shorter flushing times increase production output. And since ANOFOOD only needs cold water for disinfection, energy costs are reduced considerably. Furthermore, no rinsing is required for disinfection with ANOSAN products, which saves time and money. Fewer process steps – better, faster, more economical.

Guarantee: As a manufacturer of ANOSAN TW® and ANOFOOD®, ecabiotec AG ensures consistent product quality.

Advantages and security:

  • PH-level neutral
  • NOT toxic to humans, animals and plants
  • NOT caustic
  • NOT irritating
  • NOT allergenic
  • Non-flammable
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable

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