ANOSAN in COVID-19 coronavirus

ANOSAN has been proven to work against viruses thanks to the improved IMEALIT technology.

The company ecabiotec AG from Mörfelden (ISO 9001 and 14001 certified) has been selling the disinfectant ANOSAN internationally for many years.

Demand has risen rapidly since the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus. ANOSAN reduces microorganisms such as viruses (including COVID-19) by 99.99% within one minute.

Ideal for surface disinfection and supportive for air disinfection.
Neutral ANOSAN® is compatible with the skin, mucous membrane and skin wounds and can be used in antiseptic medical devices.

Now, with the current situation of coronavirus distribution in Germany, constant disinfection in almost all areas of public life is advisable. Be it permanent surface disinfection to avoid smear infection with the COVID-19 virus or air disinfection in entrance areas or as an additional measure when cleaning entire rooms / halls.

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