Ecabiotec Egypt® LLC ‎is a producer of mineral, ecofriendly and non-toxic disinfectant solutions against harmful microorganism, through the innovative IMEALIT® technology used in producing biologically human identical, environmentally friendly, non-toxic germ reduction solutions.
Being one of many Ecabiotec Germany’s agents, we strive to be the leading global counterpart.


We strive to replace all chemical, toxic and environmentally harmful disinfecting solutions with safe and ecofriendly products for a healthier and happier life.


  • Delivering natural (non chemical) environmental friendly disinfectant safe for plants, animals, human beings, and children.
  • Raising awareness to use the natural products which are safe and effective.
  • Supporting our country maintain an effective healthcare plan to eliminate many diseases.


  • Providing high quality products with reasonable prices.
  • Delivering a wide range of products that can be used easily and effectively.
  • Providing more product varieties than competitor, which can be used in many life areas.
  • Raising the awareness and building a brand loyalty, and increase customer.

Economic value


  • Save billions spent on treatment and prevention of many diseases in the field of public health.


  • Help Egypt increase exports of agricultural crops, and increase shelf life of foodstuff.


  • Save billions spent on protecting and combating agricultural pests, animal, poultry and fish production.


  • Reduce imports of chemical disinfectants with harmful effects.
  • Maintain public health and support the Egyptian economy.

Competitive advantages:

  • Drinking water disinfection in buildings
  • Food processing
  • Mold removal
  • Agriculture
  • Livestock farming
  • Industry
  • Hotel industry
  • Beverage industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Swimming pool
  • Odor removal & vehicle disinfection
  • Green areas / sports facilities
  • Air
  • Skin care and healthcare
  • Manufacturing and machines

Social Responsibility:

  • Rising awareness to use the natural products which are effective and
    safe for the environment
  • Supporting public and general health
  • Reduce the usage of fertilizers
  • Providing hygienic healthy food
  • Providing a healthier life for Animals and lifestock
  • Supporting Egypt healthcare plan for a better life