Ecabiotec® disinfectant solutions


ANOSAN is a biological and 100% safe, non-toxic, and ready-to-use disinfectant solution that has no active chemical ingredients, which just ‎water  and less than 1% salt holding a high charge as our active ‎disinfecting property‎ destroys all harmful microorganisms by 99.995% without leaving any residues. ANOSAN doesn’t promote resistance, and doesn’t contain triclosan or any ‎toxins common in household  anti-bacterial agent. ‎


Its mechanism of action lies in its high redox potential (which consists of a “micro ‎charge” between 750 mV and 950 mV) through the IMEALIT that irreversibly damages the cell ‎membranes of the pathogens with which it comes into contact without causing ‎any damage to multicellular organisms within one minute, ‎ This mechanism of action makes it ‎impossible for germs to resist.‎


It can be used to disinfect surfaces of all kinds (kitchen tops, sinks, bathrooms, ‎etc.) and objects (teats, dummies, baby bottles, etc.). It can be sprayed directly ‎onto food or onto surfaces that comes in direct contact with it. It does not need to ‎be rinsed off. It does not leave residues after use. ‎Anosan does not contain aggressive chemical agents like alcohol,… etc..

ANOSAN® Products:

  • Purely mineral without organic compounds.
  • Without environmentally harmful residues.
  • Highly effective & pH neutral.

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Economic value

The ideal solution for the treatment and prevention of many health and environmental problems

  • Save billions spent on treatment and prevention of many diseases in the field of public health.


  • Save billions spent on protecting and combating agricultural pests, animal, poultry and fish production.


  • Help Egypt increase exports of agricultural crops, and increase shelf life of foodstuff.


  • Reduce imports of chemical disinfectants with harmful effects.
  • Maintain public health and support the Egyptian economy.



ANOSAN® can be used for disinfection of floors, rooms, hospitals, food processing equipment, etc. Specialty surfaces such as grass courses are also covered with ANOSAN ROYAL GREEN®


ANOSAN ECO® can be nebulized as a cold mist enclosed spaces covering hard to reach areas with surface disinfection methods, covering potential treatment gaps and strong deodorization….


ANOSAN TW® immediately eliminates all legionella, bacteria and viruses in flowing water while removing biofilm accumulation in pipes of any kind.